My Little Gay Rock Wedding

As February, the month of all things love and the one that holds the title National Wedding Month, comes to a close, I thought it would be a good time to share about the unique vow exchange Yvonne and I had almost eight months ago.

When Yvonne proposed to me in April, we had no idea what we wanted in a wedding, but there were a few things we did know: we wanted something low-key and casual; we wanted something small and cost-efficient; and we wanted something unique. We talked about it off and on for a couple months, but it wasn’t until we were forced to pick a date when we went to apply for our marriage license that we made any actual decisions. We went home that night, started texting friends, and planned pretty much everything out in a matter of hours. And let me tell you–we have some of the absolutely most amazing friends imaginable! They helped us with every single thing. From the venue and officiating to the wedding cake and photography, they took care of it all.

We originally had this vision of saying our vows just as the sun set in our good friend’s backyard, with strands and strands of white lights strung among the trees and music and dancing into the night. However, Texas weather had a different plan for us. While I was in the makeup artist’s chair at the MAC counter (Thank you for making me beautiful, Artistry by Amber!), the texts started. The weather was not slacking off, and I had to make a decision on whether to move the location or not. Finally, I just said, “Do what you think. I trust you.” And, y’all! I will say it again–we have the most amazing friends ever! In less than an hour, everything was moved to a new location (inside another friend’s house) and set up even more beautifully than I could have imagined, and all of the guests were notified of the changes. I didn’t have to worry about a thing (although I was stressing like a mad woman inside).

As I was on my way to the location, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, and such a sense of peace came over me. It was all really happening…

And so, on 7/7 at 7 on the dot, I married my soul mate, the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, with all of our friends and family (many via FaceTime, also arranged and handled by our friends) as witnesses. Our little gay rock wedding went off without a hitch, and it was the most amazing day of my life!

What was wonderful or funny or embarrassing or sappy or unique about your special day? Are you getting married soon? What are your plans? I would love to hear all about them! Please share in the comments below!

Happy #NationalWeddingMonth! #mylittlegayrockwedding #tildeathdouspart

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1 thought on “My Little Gay Rock Wedding

  1. I am so glad that you found a way to channel your inner being. ❤


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